Born in England, Sam Hunter split her formative years between Europe and the United States before settling in California in 1981. She has earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sculpture, Summa Cum Laude from California State University Channel Islands and a Master of Fine Arts degree in Intermedia from James Madison University in Virginia. Hunter has exhibited her artwork throughout the United States, and has received numerous grants and awards including a Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Fellowship.

Hunter credits a formal, British, and Shakespeare-laden education for her love of words. Her work combines degrees in both electronic engineering and art with language, and plays in the realm where the visual and the verbal intersect. Hunter also leverages the traditional needlecrafts she learned from her grandmothers, and a twenty year career in quilt-making, to inform the contemporary fiber pieces of her current series. She can be found teaching some of her grandmothers’ tricks in both university and private courses whenever possible.